Baguio Central University | BCU

Baguio City Schools and Universities

The Baguio Central University is one of these schools aiming to excel by offering educational training to students who wants success in their various fields. The university also offers education to high school and pre-school students. It is also known for its vocational courses.

The university now has nine Collegiate Divisions that includes College of Criminology, College of Liberal Arts and Public Administration, College of Physical Therapy, College of Nursing, College of Information Technology as well as College of Administration. The university also has Associate Courses such as Associate in Computer Technology, as and Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

As per Executive Order 330, the university has been accredited by the Commission on Higher Education and gave the certificate of authorization to the university to accredit, provide equivalency, and to confer academic degree in BS Education, Bachelor of Arts and Sciences, Master of Arts in Education, Master in Public and Business Administration, Doctor of Education, and Doctor of Philosophy.


Baguio Central University

No. 18 Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Benguet 2600

Motto: Liberty, Justice, Truth, Equality
Established: 1945
Type: Private / Non-Sectarian

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